Ohio Dental Hygienists Under 1099 Contracts: Empowering Dental Care through Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4715


Ohio has taken a significant leap by allowing dental hygienists to offer their invaluable services under 1099 contracts, often referred to as temporary or “temp” work. This transformative change, facilitated by Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4715, extends dental hygienists a new avenue to enhance oral healthcare independently. In this article, we’ll explore how this regulatory shift empowers dental hygienists, the role of Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4715, and its broader implications on dental care.

The Vital Role of Dental Hygienists:
Dental hygienists are integral to oral healthcare. They are experts in preventing and treating oral health
issues, working closely with dentists. Their responsibilities include teeth cleaning, oral disease
examination, and educating patients on maintaining proper oral hygiene.

Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4715: The Backbone of Dental Practice:
Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4715, titled “Dentists; Dental Hygienists,” provides the foundational
framework for dental practice in the state. It encompasses a wide array of elements, including:

Defining Dental Practice:
The chapter outlines precise definitions related to dentistry and dental hygiene, delineating the scope of
practice and professional responsibilities.

Regulating Dental Professionals:
It establishes and organizes the State Dental Board, which oversees dental professionals in Ohio. The
board ensures ethical standards, public safety, and overall quality of dental care in the state.

Licensing Procedures:
Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4715 sets forth stringent licensing procedures that dental professionals must
adhere to, guaranteeing that only qualified individuals enter the field, ultimately contributing to the high
quality of dental care.

Examinations and Standards:
The chapter mandates rigorous standards for examinations, ensuring that dental professionals meet
specific qualifications and competencies before practicing in the state.

Disciplinary Actions:
In cases of misconduct or violations, the chapter details disciplinary actions that can be taken against
dental professionals to uphold the integrity of the profession and protect patients.

Dental Hygienists Under 1099 Contracts:
Ohio’s recent amendment to Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4715 allows dental hygienists to work as
independent contractors under 1099 contracts. This shift in regulation is significant for several reasons:

1. Expanded Access to Dental Care:
This change significantly improves access to dental care, particularly in underserved communities.
Dental hygienists offering services under 1099 contracts can provide vital preventive care, reducing the
burden of long commutes and service shortages.

2. Enhanced Flexibility for Dental Hygienists:
Working as independent contractors offers dental hygienists newfound career flexibility. They can
determine their working hours, service locations, and choose to collaborate with dental practices of
their preference, leading to improved work-life balance and increased job satisfaction.

3. Improved Dental Practice Efficiency:
Dental practices can benefit from engaging 1099 dental hygienists by optimizing their schedules and
serving a larger patient base efficiently, which can lead to improved practice efficiency and financial

4. Diverse Scope of Services:
Empowered as independent contractors under Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4715, dental hygienists can
offer a broader range of services. They can provide preventive care not only within dental offices but
also in various settings such as schools, nursing homes, and community clinics, making oral health
services accessible to a wider population.

Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4715, titled “Dentists; Dental Hygienists,” is the cornerstone of dental
practice in Ohio. With the recent inclusion of provisions allowing dental hygienists to work under 1099
contracts, it signifies a pivotal shift in dental care delivery. This change not only empowers dental
hygienists but also enhances patient access, practice efficiency, and the overall quality of dental care in
Ohio. As the dental profession continues to evolve, Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4715 stands as a reliable guardian of dental excellence, embracing innovation while upholding the core principles of the profession.

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